Inspired by love, the Everlasting Hug Pet Memory Vessel is the only product of it’s kind. It’s patented design was created to help people through the Loss & Bereavement process after losing a pet. The vessel’s appearance captures the unconditional love between people and pets in a very special way. When gifted or received it can help ease the mind of each person touched by the pet’s loss. It helps to bring joy back into their lives, without saying a word. Because sometimes the right words are just so hard to come by.

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Loss and Bereavement Canine Memory Vessel For Dog Lovers

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The unconditional love between pet and owner forms an unbreakable bond – companion, best friend, playmate, confidant – they are always there for you. Your pet’s very presence sustains your being… each touch reinforces this loving bond. Not having this physical touch present in someone’s life creates sadness, grief and a very real and present disconnect in your mind of unthinkable proportions.
When given or received, this vessel can help bring joy back again to the family that lost their pet… it can help ease the mental pain the Veterinarian feels after their hard task of euthanizing a pet… and it gives hope to the friends of the pet’s owner, that they were able to help their friends in need… and it saves the lives of pets in need.
Each thoughtfully handcrafted Everlasting Hug Memory Vessel expresses everything that is in your heart without saying a word… when words are not enough.
We also created a non-profit organization around the Everlasting Hug so that the profits from the sales would help pets in need. This is our way of making this world a better place for both humans and pets.