Gifts for Cat Lovers


Shop a special selection of unique cat gifts, each designed and handcrafted in America by Charles Kern. Each thoughtful Everlasting Hug Keepsake©for cat lovers expresses what’s in your heart without saying a word.

Paws gently kneading, contented purring, a hungry cats running figure eights between your legs, a beautiful cat grooming ever so carefully, spirited kittens chasing dust bunnies – cat lovers embrace all things feline. Celebrate and commemorate the special cat in someones life. Perhaps it is a new addition to their family – a feline who has finally found its forever home. Maybe it’s a cat you’ve had for years, a kitten you are fostering or a treasured feline friend no longer in your arms but always in your heart.

Everlasting Hug Cat Keepsakes celebrate the special bond between cats and people – capturing the unconditional love that warms your heart as you care for and share life with your furry friend. The Everlasting Hug Keepsake collection includes a range of unique treasures, each designed and handcrafted in Pennsylvania by artisan Charles Kern. Remember a beloved cat, honor a new cat, commemorate a current cat – each thoughtful Everlasting Hug Keepsake expresses what’s in your heart without saying a word.

Touch a heart with the gift of an Everlasting Hug Cat Memory Vessel – when words alone are not enough, show compassion with cat bereavement marking the loss of a beloved feline. Celebrate the joy of a new kitten or cat or commemorate the vitality of a current cat with a Living Hug Cat Keepsake Figurine©. Recognize and give thanks for cat fostering and cat adoption. Celebrate the unconditional love between people and cats with a Hug.

Give a Hug, get a Hug…a gift of love, compassion, recognition and thanks. Give or get the perfect cat gift – one that gives back – 100% of the profits help pets in need.