Gifts For Horse Lovers


Shop a thoughtful selection of unique horse gifts, each designed and handcrafted in America by Charles Kern. Each artful Everlasting Hug Keepsake © for horse lovers expresses what’s in your heart without saying a word.

Nickers, whinnies, a swish of the tail, a nuzzling nose, scratching a belly or neck, sharing treats and grooming time…from frolicking foals, precious ponies, carefree colts and playful fillies to magnificent steeds, horse lovers embrace all things equine. Celebrate and commemorate the special horse in someones life. Perhaps it was their first horse – a rescue who had finally found its forever home. Maybe it’s a companion horse, a thoroughbred, a trail horse, a horse you are fostering or a horse that has moved on to greener pastures but is always in your heart.

Everlasting Hug Horse Keepsakes celebrate the special bond between horses and people – capturing the unconditional love that touches your heart as you care for and share life with your hoofed friend. The Everlasting Hug Keepsake collection includes a range of unique mementos, each designed and handcrafted in Pennsylvania by artisan Charles Kern. Remember a beloved pony, honor a new foal, commemorate a horse companion or current ride – each thoughtful Everlasting Hug Keepsake expresses what’s in your heart without saying a word.

Touch a heart with the gift of an Everlasting Hug Horse Memory Vessel – when words alone are not enough, show compassion with horse bereavement keepsakes marking the loss of a beloved equine companion but acknowledging its love. Celebrate the joy of a new colt or commemorate the spirit of a beloved trail horse with a Living Hug Horse Keepsake Figurine©. Recognize and give thanks for horse rescue and horse adoption. Celebrate the unconditional love between people and horses with a Hug.

Give a Hug, get a Hug…a gift of love, compassion, recognition and thanks. Give or get the perfect horse gift – one that gives back – 100% of the profits help pets in need.