Memorial gifts for dog owners

A remembrance gift for dog lovers. Everlasting Hug Dog Memory Vessels© celebrate the relationship been people and dogs – recognize the unconditional love and bond that sharing life with a faithful canine companion offers.


Memorial Gifts For Cat Lovers

The perfect gift for cat lovers. Celebrate the bond between cats and people – Everlasting Hug Cat Memory Vessels© evoke the bond of unconditional love that touches your heart when life is shared with a feline friend.


Loss and Bereavement Gifts For Horse Owners

Everlasting Hug Horse Memory Vessels© commemorate the bond been people and horses. Validate the unconditional love that results from sharing life with an equine companion.

Give a Hug, get a Hug…a gift of love, compassion, recognition and thanks. Get the perfect dog, cat and horse gift – one that gives back – 100% of the profits help pets in need.