Our Mission

Everlasting Hug, Inc is dedicated to helping both people associated with pets and pets in need. Our patented memory vessel product is here to help people cope with the grief and sadness associated with the loss of a pet. Everlasting Hug, Inc then provides support to approved organizations who rescue, foster and care for pets with the sale of these hand-crafted products. We are a source of hope, encouragement and unconditional love for people associated with pet loss and pets in need of their forever home.

We seek to:

  • Help people associated with losing a pet deal with their grief and sadness
  • Develop partnerships with rescue organizations and animal shelters dedicated to providing care for pets in their facilities or through foster programs with the goal of placing pets in loving forever homes
  • Provide housing, food, grooming and medical treatment for pets along with instructional information to both temporary and forever home caregivers
  • Provide emergency relief to pets located in disaster areas
  • Educate children on the proper care of pets
  • Train the next generation of pet volunteers
  • Make this world a better place for everyone (people and pets)

Helping people through the grief and sadness of losing a pet that we, as a society, have not dealt with properly. And so many pets are in desperate need of help (over 9 million pets a year go to underfunded, understaffed shelters throughout the country, and almost half are euthanized); pets who are not “perfect” stand an even greater chance of being put down. Your purchase helps people to cope with their loss and at the same time helps unwanted pets in need… pets surrendered to shelters, unplanned litters, sick pets left to fend for themselves, neglected and senior pets about to be put down, special needs pets, pets whose owners no longer have the resources to provide proper care – less fortunate pets, all destined to be euthanized. Helping people and pets is our mission.

We are a source of hope, encouragement and unconditional love for pet owners and pets in need of their forever home.