Our Solution

Twee changed Charles Kern's life

So we have these two major problems:

  1. Nothing in place to help pet owners through the grief and heartache which comes from losing a pet; which leads to… a compounding problem of those people who would be most likely to adopt pets unable to do so because they remain emotionally crippled unable to overcome the grief from losing their pet.
  2. Money needed for shelters, rescues, and organizations that deal with these voiceless, helpless, homeless and unloved animal friends. (Still 8-12 million going in and half being euthanized)

What if we could SAVE TWO LIVES with one HUG?!

“I sat in my sculpting room and created the “Everlasting Hug” where the pet was hugging the human. It was hand-held activating your touch mechanism…it stirs your memory as you see the pet embracing the human and you remember that not only did you love your pet, but that pet loved you. You can feel that unconditional love coming from that pet, and you find yourself back in a good place. The Everlasting Hug represents the love and thankfulness for the time the pet, and human shared together whether it was a  full lifetime, a few years or months, or sometimes just a precious moment.

Then I took it a step further…the human mind is incredibly strong and can get you through adversity if used right. So, I added a chamber underneath and that chamber is there to put a memory: a note detailing a special moment shared with your pet, it could be a picture, it could be a piece of food, it can be a tag…something that reminds you of a moment in time of your pet and you bonding.

Now by holding the hug with that bonding memory inside the chamber and gazing upon it, your mind can now transport you back to that loving moment when you could feel that unconditional love from your pet. Now by gently rubbing the hug with your thumb you can start to feel its presence more so in your grasp. The more you activate this touching sensation and the more you think about the memory inside the vessel, the more your mind goes to that moment in time. Now you start to feel the love again from your pet that you always felt while they were there with you in body. Do this as many times as you need to. The feeling of loss and grief you will find diminishing and being replaced with love.

It’s a therapeutic benefit on an emotional level recreating a new level of bond between human and pet.


Once that pet owner is back to that “good place,” they will be ready to adopt another “forever friend” realizing they aren’t replacing their former pet as the memory lives on.

That’s a win-win in itself but it actually gets even better! Everlasting Hug is a not-for-profit organization that donates 100% of the profits from every sale to animal shelters, rescue groups and organizations that help the voiceless, lower income individuals that can’t afford medical upkeep for their pets and helpless and homeless animal friends.

My Dream and Vision for Everlasting Hug

 I always go back to those euphoric moments feeding Twee, and I realize it wasn’t so much that I saved Twee but that Twee saved me. He enabled me to find that “higher purpose for my creations” and put me on this path to saving more lives. As I think about all the unwanted pets that are surrendered to shelters, all the unwanted litters that get dropped off, the sick that are left out to fend for themselves because the owners can’t afford their upkeep, I realize the urgency of the situation. So many, so little time to be saved….

So I ask for your help. Please… Give a Hug to save lives!