Our Story

Chuck Kern lay on the ground a few inches from Twee and again lifted the fork and brought it to the mouth of the special-needs cat. Living with a liver shunt, Twee could not feed himself and would die without the help of his new friend Chuck and his girlfriend Wendi. They were also filling up syringes with water and hydrating him throughout the day.

It turns out it wasn’t just Twee’s life that needed saving.

Chuck was a self-employed architectural landscaper, designer, and builder of large outdoor ponds and tabletop fountains. The founder of Natural Creations Inc. and Everlasting Hug, LLC., he had always done his landscaping in a very artistic way and found he had a talent for hand-sculpting tabletop fountains. Along the way, he began to sculpt faces and animals and other things into the rock. This “gift” as Chuck modestly calls it, brought Chuck into the limelight and yet he still wondered…

What is the higher purpose with my creations?

“I always wanted to make a difference…my belief is ‘make this world a better place than whence you came in’ but I never could find that right fit to make that difference with my fountains.”

Then, the path of his life forked, and Chuck was forced to slow down and put caring for his mother first. Chuck and Wendy began rescuing and adopting pets….

A cat in need

That’s when they met Twee

“So I’m literally down on the ground, Twee’s face 3 inches from mine hand-feeding this little guy and I just am overcome with emotion, just thankful for the opportunity to make a difference in his life…

Becomes a friend indeed!

…and he is so appreciative because after he’s done, he would follow me around and jump up and want to snuggle with me…and we developed this deep bond, this close-knit attachment this indescribable feeling…I mean how do you put into words the feeling of being able to rescue another living thing? When it’s ‘life or death’ it is so entirely different than just having a normal pet.

That’s when I made my decision…this is my turning point right here, I need to make a difference NOW!”

A greater need

Throughout this time period he started finding out much more about rescues, about shelters, what the need was for funding to help these cats and dogs who…unbelievably 8-12 million pets are going into shelters and over half of them were being euthanized.

But how? Well, he did some more thinking and realized there was another big problem…all these pets that were dying made me think of loss and bereavement and I started researching and found out that there was nothing in place to help people cope through the loss of a pet.

2 big problems!

“Then it hit me like a ton of stone! What if we could find one dynamic solution to these 2 great problems?”

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