German Shepherd Memory Vessel©


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Sharing life with a German Shepherd Dog is about service, loyalty and love. Dog lovers bond forever with their canine companions, and those who select a German Shepherd Dog as their faithful companion are a special breed. Known for their noble character and high intelligence, the German Shepherd Dog is loyal, confident and courageous; often chosen for police and military service, used to herd, guard, search and rescue, employed as guide dogs and to perform disability assistance work, they are dogkind’s finest all-purpose workers.  An Everlasting Hug German Shepherd Dog Memory Vessel©salutes and commemorates the unconditional love between people and the German Shepherd Dog in a unique and meaningful way, celebrating the unbreakable bond between dog and master.

Designed to be held and prized, each Everlasting Hug German Shepherd Dog Memory Vessel©is handcrafted in Pennsylvania by artist Charles Kern, who captures the powerful bond in a timeless hug, expressing everything in your heart without saying a word.

Each Everlasting Hug German Shepherd Dog Memory Vessel©contains a secret chamber for storing mementos such as a photo, lock of fur or a name tag. Designed to be held and stroked, it takes you to that good and special place of unconditional love, allowing you to treasure the bond of devotion forever. Share the joy of a new puppy, honor a current service dog or remember a beloved German Shepherd Dog with an Everlasting Hug German Shepherd Dog Memory Vessel©.

The perfect gift for the dog lover, each Everlasting Hug German Shepherd Dog Memory Vessel©gives again and again…100% of the profits from each purchase help pets in need.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
Inscribe Pet's Name

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  • Individually hand painted
  • Handcrafted from polyurethane resin
  • Approximately 3 ½” tall by 2 ½” wide
  • Arrives in a presentation gift box
  • Made in America
  • Personalization available

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  1. Tammy Koelling

    Such a wonderful gift! My friend loved it!

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