Living Hug Horse Memory Vessel©


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Horse lovers bond forever with their equine friends; sharing life with a pony, retired racehorse, stately steed, senior mare or special needs horse is an act of devotion and unconditional love. Even as you enjoy your time spent together, celebrate life with your horse in another unique and meaningful way – the Living Hug Horse Keepsake Memory Vessel©commemorates your unbreakable bond by unifying your living entities into a new and beautiful form.

Each Living Hug Keepsake Horse Memory Vessel©incorporates a lock of hair from your horse and a some of your own hair… these elements are skillfully integrated into the resin which is then sculpted, and hand painted by Pennsylvania artist Charles Kern. Designed to be held and treasured, each figurine commemorates your loving bond in a timeless embrace, expressing everything that is in your heart without saying a word.

Each Living Hug Keepsake Horse Memory Vessel©holds another secret – a hidden chamber to store mementos such as a photo, note or lock of hair. Hold and caress it as you go to that good and special place of unconditional love, treasuring the bond now and forever. Celebrate the joy of a new pony or horse or honor a current horse companion with a Living Hug Keepsake Horse Figurine©.

The perfect gift for the horse lover, each Living Hug Horse Keepsake Memory Vessele©gives again and again…100% of the profits from each purchase help pets in need.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in
Inscribe Pet's Name

No, Yes


  • Individually hand painted
  • Handcrafted from polyurethane resin plus horse hair and human hair you supply
  • Approximately 3 ½” tall by 2 ½” wide
  • Arrives in a presentation gift box
  • Made in America
  • Personalization available: name, birth or adoption date


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