Special Pricing For Veterinarians

Memorial gifts for dog owners

There is virtually nothing in place to help pet owners through the grief and heartache which comes from losing a pet; which leads to a compounding problem of those people who would be most likely to adopt pets unable to do so because they remain emotionally crippled unable to overcome the grief from losing their pet. And were these people able to adopt sooner, it would not only help with our overcrowded shelters, but they would be coming back to you sooner with a new pet. And that is why we offer you, our Veterinarian Community, special pricing.

If you want to order memory vessels individually, just go to the side menu bar and click onto the category you want or just click here: dogs, cats or horses. Contact us so that we can give you a special coupon code to receive your discount. Call us at 610-272-1770 or email us at 4ever@www.everlastinghug.org.  Apply the coupon code upon checkout to receive your discount.