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Memorial gifts for dog owners

Feelings of sadness, emptiness, isolation and experiencing unbearable emotional pain. Their animal companion brought unconditional love, comfort, tolerance, respect, joy and meaning to their life. , and owners will often be quite explicit that the animal is what they are living for. Then you have to put them down to end their suffering. A lot of vets have been in that position, often when the owner is elderly or vulnerable in some way.

Feelings of great concerns for how the owner would cope after the animal’s death start to haunt you. You, as a person, dealing with the grief of your client is sometimes unbearable.  Concerns of what you can do for them arise. But it’s not all about them. What about you? You deal on a frequent basis with the physical and emotional distress of both patients and clients often without emotional support for yourselves.

The first days after a pet is gone are the most crucial moments effecting everyone’s lives. Only a small number of veterinary practices call their clients after a euthanasia to see how they are doing. Some have tried, but have given up because they have felt inadequate to cope with the reactions.

Sending them a sympathy card or flowers can at least acknowledge the loss that they are experiencing. But what happens if you could actually give them something that could help them through the grieving process? Flowers are nice as far as acknowledging but they wither and die. A generic sympathy card has nice words that are meaningful and even more powerful than the flowers, but again it doesn’t sustain by itself.

What would happen if you could give them something personalized to their pet. Something they could take with them anywhere they want… hold it in their hand whenever they need it… something that always reminds them that their pet loved them unconditionally? And what happens if you could give them this knowing that it is something that could help them though the loss and bereavement of losing their pet?

Our concern here at Everlasting Hug is for the welfare of both the pet’s family and you their Veterinarians. Inspired by love, the Everlasting Hug Memory Vessel is the only patented product of it’s kind. It was designed and created to not only help people through the Loss & Bereavement process, but that also saves the lives of pets in need. The vessel’s design captures the unconditional love between people and pets in a very special way. It is also engraved with the pet’s name. Inside is a hidden chamber where they can place something that reminds them of their pet… a loving moment in time that was only shared with their pet. When given or received it can help ease the mind of each person touched by the pet’s loss… without saying a word… because sometimes the right words are just so hard to come by.

Giving your client something as meaningful as this not only helps them, but in turn is helping to ease your pain as well.

And one final note of importance. Everlasting Hug, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)3. We give 100% of our profits towards helping pets in need.

Special packages and pricing has been set up for Veterinarians. Give us a call at 610-272-1770 or email us your contact information at to set up your account today. We will send you a special promo code so that you can see your special deals. After that you are all set. Then all you have to do is email us the form that will tell us: the families name, the pet’s name, male or female and where you want us to send it… to you or directly to the family. You can also choose to have us enclose a sympathy card for a male pet or a female pet.

This isn’t about the money. It’s about the lives we can help and the lives we can save.